Local Spotlight: Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre

A welcome addition to the city, Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre brings refreshing passion and creative vision to Atlanta's dance scene. Founded by five former stars of the Atlanta Ballet, the dancers aligned with a vision of individualistic, artistic expression in contrast to the technical, traditional direction of their previous company. Terminus has already taken the city by force with unseen anticipation from fans and press.

Photos by Joseph Guay

Photos by Joseph Guay

The world premiere of Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre came on October 12 with the debut of exstasis choreographed by Tara Lee. The intimate evening at Westside Cultural Arts Center was the first of five sold out performances of the weekend. To celebrate the culmination of months of hard work and planning, the show opened with a champagne toast and speech by art director John Welker.

While the technical skills of the company are beyond exceptional, the true pleasure in watching Terminus perform is the chemistry between the dancers. It's impossible not to feel the freedom in their movements and see the joy in their eyes - the excitement is contagious. This rare union of talent, expertise, and artistry from dancers with decades of experience makes Terminus an incomparable treasure to Atlanta.

Don't miss Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre's next show Lore to be performed outdoors in Serenbe. Get your tickets before another sold-out weekend from November 17-19!

Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre