Top 3 Home Design Trends In 2018

There's no better way to kick off the new year than redesigning your space. Refresh your home with a few updates or maybe it's the perfect time for a total renovation. Whether you're looking for new decor ideas or to transform a room, take a look at this year's top trends.


Bring on the patterns! Just when you thought you would never see wallpaper again - it's back and better than ever for 2018. From tiled floors to statement ceilings, there's no place you can't add a printed accent - even tile stickers can update your kitchen backsplash instantly. Patterned spaces give a strong design element to an otherwise plain space.

Keep the size of the space in mind for your pattern choices. Throw pillows and small temporary decor can handle bold, trendy patterns. Larger spaces like walls and bedding should be simple and classic to give timeless appeal.

Try geometric shapes, abstract design, or textured bohemian style. Floral is back this year - not anything traditional, but bold and oversized.


Light fixtures are one of the easiest upgrades to make a home feel revitalized. That's not to say they can't get pricey. Thankfully, these trends can be found from high-end home boutiques to affordable outlets.

2018 will bring more personalized touches to the home - including unique light fixtures. Pendants are moving from kitchen islands to dining rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Natural elements, such as wood and textiles, are making their way from furniture and accents to ceiling centerpieces. Vary the style around your home from eye-catching pieces to timeless essentials.

Don't feel limited to one option for finishes - matte black and brass, copper and chrome, stainless steel and antique silver. Iron is a great neutral base that won't clash with other tones when mixing metals.


While it's not time to say goodbye to white and greige, color is making a comeback. In 2018, the trend will go two ways - bold jewel tones and soft pastel shades. Mix color into a neutral base or layer multiple tones with intentional balance.

It's so easy to add a pop of color - the biggest challenge is choosing which one. Feminine shades are dominating in design with blush, lavender, and lilac becoming household neutrals. Don't be afraid to try a black wall or eggplant accent for a bolder look. If you're seeking something more tame, green is a timeless and natural choice in the home.

Incorporate color across your home with wall colors, statement furniture, bold rugs, oversized art, and even built-ins. We have been loving a pop of color with kitchen cabinets (especially crushing on navy lately). Try a monochromatic look, matching your furniture to blend in with wall colors.

Ultimately your home should be your sanctuary. Don't focus too much on trends - just what you love! Let the space around you reflect who you are.