1. Let's Meet

If you're thinking about selling your home, let's meet to discuss your plans and evaluate the best strategy to sell. We will do a walkthrough of your home to assess any necessary improvements or repairs to complete before listing.

2. Set Your Goals

Think about your ideal sale price and closing date. The three primary factors that affect the sale of your home are pricing, condition, and marketing. I will conduct market research and present an analysis of comparable properties in your area to determine a fair and reasonable listing price.

3. Preparation

It's time to spruce things up to win over potential buyers. We will discuss my recommendations to determine the best return on investment for the sale of your home. After improvements and repairs are completed, we will use a few tricks to get your home in prime showing condition. In some cases, staging or a home manager may be necessary.

4. Show Time

Checking off strategic pricing, top condition, and a results-oriented marketing plan, we are ready for showings. With our marketing plan in action, I will keep you up to date with all potential interest. Your home will be showcased with magazine quality photography that Beacham is widely known for. I will follow up immediately after every showing to get feedback from buyers' agents. Networking, along with hosting an open house and caravan, will allow optimal showings to get your home sold.

5. Finding The One

After attracting the right set of buyers and peaking interest through showings, it's time to get the offers on the table. We will evaluate each offer and negotiate for best terms to achieve fair and reasonable outcome for all parties.

6. Final Steps

We're almost there! After your acceptance of the best offer, I will continue to follow up with all parties to ensure a smooth closing. Communicating with the buyer's agent, I will keep you updated on proceedings and any final steps.

7. Closing

Cheers! On closing day, we will meet at the closing attorney's office to get all documents signed. Congratulations on the sale of your home!